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¡Welcome! By using the website, the user accepts the following user conditions. Please read these carefully:

GRUPO JOBO (BECITHEW S.A. DE C.V.) can and will, on occassion, send email advertisements regarding other websites that are owned, shareholders in or business partners of the company.

Mercadojobs( is owned by GRUPO JOBO (BECITHEW S.A. DE C.V.) (22 de Septiembre 1609 Col. Jardines de San Manuel, Puebla, México). By using this website you accept the terms and usage conditions in this document.

1. Definitions

Site: the website and its subdomains.
Ad: Public ad that includes the job offer. Accessed by way of the website whose content is determined and administered by the Advertiser.


Banner and Pop-up: Any ad within the Site that is not affiliated with job offers accessed by way of the website whose content is determined and administered by the Advertiser.

Advertiser: Any physical or juridical person that in accordance with its professional or company-related activity posts Ads, Banners and/or Pop ups.

Candidate: Any Site user who, while using the services offered by the site, has access to Ads, Banners and Pop-ups.



2. Description of provided services

Job search. MercadoJobs offers the Candidate the possibility to access the Ads using the Site, allowing for specific searches using keywords and other criteria.

Job alert. The candidates also have the possibility of receiving the Ads by email. This is done by registering for the “Job Alert” service.

Advertising. MercadoJobs offers Advertisers the opportunity to promote themselves via their own Ads, Banners and Pop-ups to candidates chosen in advance directly from the site ot by email to candidates registered with a “Job Alert”


3. Handling personal data

The information that candidates send to Advertisers is not picked up nor treated in any way by MercadoJobs.

By activating the “Job Alert” service the Candidate will be registered in the specified area with previous acceptance of the terms of service.


4. Intellectual property

The images, texts, graphs and distinctive marks (names, brands, etc.) posted on the Site are protected by the laws and norms established in regards to intellectual properties, author´s rights or rights of the person (images, domain names, etc.).
It´s strictly prohibited copying, archiving, transmitting or distributing to third parties the content of the Site. The only exception to this, is downloading it for personal use.
The images, texts, and distinctive marks of third parties are used exclusively in relation to what they represent and are not associated by any means to MercadoJobs.
MercadoJobs does not condone the presence of illicit or unauthorized content on the Site and vows to remove immediately from the Site, rouge content that might be harmful towards third party rights if these express a written petition to the Site.


5. Content

MercadoJobs vows, within its possibilities and by the best means possible to refresh and control in a continuous manner the content of the Site and the origin of the Ads, Banners and Pop-ups to ensure a high level of quality of the services provided.
MercadoJobs does not intervene in the content of the Ads, nor on the content of the other websites that can be reached via links posted on the Site, nor carries out (as it should not) any monitoring of the latter.
MercadoJobs is not involved in the negotiation between the Advertiser and the candidates, does not control the quality, security or legality of the job offers published on the Site.
Therefore, MercadoJobs is not, under any point of view, liable or responsible for any of the following:


  • Illicit acts in the aforementioned content or for any law breaking or disrespect of third parties rights (author´s rights, patents, intellectual rights, etc.) that may surface from the posting of Ads on the ntework or from the content form other websites of the Site.


  • Errors, imprecisions or falsehood of the Ads posted.



6 Service Quality

Mercadojobs is characterized by a high accessibility rate to the Site and is continually making strides to better the quality of the services provided.

In case of temporal or prolonged interruption of the provided services, MercadoJobs will do everything possible to limit the interruption time of the services; although, this does not guarantee the exact time needed to reestablish the services.